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The History of Email

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Electronic mail has existed since the 1960s. It has been around as long as people could share the same computer at the same time. Email as we know it today moves a message between users who are on different machines. It goes across a network. This capablity dates to 1971.

This site is meant as a focal point for recitations and artifacts of the history of electronic mail. This site is still very much under development and is being produced as a collaborative effort.


This is a very nascent effort to capture the sequence of 'significant' occurrences in the evolution of electronic mail. Significance can be first occurrence (invention), standardization or market-oriented promulgation (commercialization):

Timeline (very rough draft)

Please pursue discussion of this on the mailhist mailing list.



One goal for this site is to develop a consensus view of email's history. That requires discussion. Over time, there are likely to be specialized discussion groups.

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Efforts to recount the history of email, most (all?) of which also cite many additional primary sources.

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Efforts to list works that discuss email history:

Notes and citations for the development of email, Dave Walden

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